Chris Sale Suspended, Meltdown Could be Final Indication of a Trade out of Chicago

saleMaybe Chris Sale is just expressive, a leader, and the true pulse of the Chicago clubhouse. It’s plausible when he defended Adam Laroche’s son being in the clubhouse and went after his own team President, it was admirable and Sale has the backs of anybody playing alongside him. It’s also possible with his latest tantrum of allegedly cutting up his team’s hideous throwback uniform in a protest to wear it for that day’s start, Sale is fed up and ready to leave Chicago for a King’s Ransom.

The White Sox have suspended  Chris Sale five days after his reported dispute over the team’s uniforms for Saturday’s game.

“Chris has been suspended for violating team rules, for insubordination and for destroying team equipment,” White Sox general manager said in a statement. “While we all appreciate Chris’ talent and passion, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to express concerns about team rules and organizational expectations.”

Trade for Chris Sale Anyone?

The White Sox don’t have a ton of trade chips. They don’t have an elite farm system or major league talent. Guys like Jose Abreu, Sale, Adam Eaton and Jose Quintana could reload an entire talent top to bottom for a team but that might be hard to commit to considering the crosstown rivals have its best team in years and the Sox started off the year playing so well before its own meltdown during the summer.

So suffice it to say Sale is hard to figure out, the team’s best player, outspoken leader and potentially, its best trade chip. It all sort of depends on what’s causing these cases of acting out. Is Sale miserable in Chicago? Someone who is happy in their place of employment certainly wouldn’t publicly denounce their bosses or minor aspects of a dress code. Pent up frustration would make a lot of sense when it comes to being so mad about one game’s outfit to the point of destroying it and causing yourself to miss your own start as a result.

Yes Trade Likely

If Sale is to be moved, most of Major League Baseball is likely having a conversation with Rick Hahn as we speak. The Red Sox, Orioles, Rangers, Giants, Dodgers, Mets, Tigers, Royals and Marlins could all justify the need for a starter, most of those teams could use a front-end pitcher and all of those teams would be instantly closer to being a World Series contender by acquiring Sale. Of course, of those teams, Baltimore, San Francisco, Kansas City and Miami may not have the minor league pieces to make a move, and others may not have the desire to part with most of its best prospects.

And make no mistake, acquiring Sale would cost at least three top 100 prospects and then additional talent.

Look for someone like Dave Dombrowski out of Boston to be in on Sale as a franchise altering move and look for the Dodgers and Rangers to be right there with him seeing Sale as one of the few appropriate replacements for an injured Clayton Kershaw or as the missing piece to join Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish en route to a franchise’s first title.

Sale may be ready to go and that may be why he can’t seem to be content in Chicago. Wherever he goes, it’s going to be up to that front office to decide if Sale’s tirades are part of bigger clubhouse problems or if it’s a plea for help, but make no mistake, if Sale is on the market, he is the single most valuable piece at the deadline over this next week.

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