Carlos Beltran, Potential Returns if the Yankees Decide to Trade Him

Carlos beltranIf and when the New York Yankees’ Front Office decides to sell at the trade deadline in a couple of weeks, Carlos Beltran will likely be one of the players dealt. New York has been insistent it won’t sell any player unless it is the right price, and rightfully so, the trade deadline creates a seller’s market with teams desperate to put the finishing touches on its playoff rosters. The Yankees have an excellent chance to build towards the future without sacrificing much of it. Here is a summary of what returns New York can get if it does decide to part with Beltran.

Teams Who Could Be Interested: Indians, Royals and White Sox

Value: Beltran is 40-years-old and likely restricted to AL teams who can DH him most or all of the time. He’s also a rental who a team who ether have to sign at around $16 million as a 41-year-old or they will have to let go at the end of the year depending on the qualifying offer. That said, Beltran has an elite playoff resume and is having his best regular season in years. He adds a middle of the order bat in a market where not many exist. The Yankees should deal Beltran in exchange for a top 100 prospect or they can always hold onto him as a full-time DH next season if they cut bait with Alex Rodriguez.

Cleveland: Mike Clevenger

The 6’4″ righty is ranked 71 on the midseason Baseball America Prospect list. He makes sense to part with for an Indians’ team rich in starting pitching and he makes sense as a Yankees’ acquisition since he is turning 26 and is just about major league ready. Clevenger started his career with injury problems but has stayed relatively healthy the past two seasons, currently sporting solid numbers in AAA.

Kansas City: Kyle Zimmer

The Royals don’t have a very good farm system but Zimmer might be the best right-handed starter in a farm system mostly filled with them. He comes with front-line stuff but also an injury past. The Yankees may opt for two lower ranked prospects (Zimmer has topped out in the mid 50’s and is considered the Royals’ second best prospect) but Zimmer would be the asking price if someone like Clevender is on the table.

White Sox: Spencer Adams

Adams isn’t on any list of top prospects and has never appeared on any since being taken 44th overall in the 2014 amateur draft. Still, the right handed pitcher is the second best prospect in a weak farm system and has great peripherals implying he could be a significant starter in a couple of years. The Yankees will sign up for that instead of giving up nothing in Beltran and the White Sox would go for it since Beltran is a significant upgrade over Justin Morneau and the Sox might go for it i a fairly open wide open American League despite entering Monday with the same record as the Yankees.

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