New York Yankees Do Nothing And It’s the Best Thing Going For Them

New York YankeesAs a life-long Yankees’ fan I would be beyond angry if the New York Yankees were underachieving en route to a 37-37 record and fourth place in late June. We’ve seen the script before, mostly last decade, when New York would have rough first half records and then explode in the second half only to fizzle out in the first round of the playoffs.

Remember how frustrating that was? Thinking your team was good and then losing in the first round?

Nowadays much of the population of Yankees’ fans are begging for this team to be good enough to lose in the playoffs. Why? Who cares?

Think about that shift in expectations.

If you’re a Yankees’ fan who takes pride in losing in the playoffs, stop watching. Big market baseball is not the type for you.

And this isn’t meant to be an ode to better days or a message of arrogance and expectations.

All teams should build themselves to win a World Series. No teams should make the playoffs a goal because meeting expectation is failure and failing to meet expectation is a lifetime of mediocrity under those circumstances.

So the best thing the Yankees can be right now is perfectly mediocre or just bad at everything and luckily, that’s exactly what they are.

There is no hope this team goes on a run. None. Zero. The chances are lower than Mark Teixeira‘s batting average.

There are exactly two categories where this team is top three in the AL let alone all of MLB: pitching strikeouts and WHIP. And even with both of those feathers in their .500 caps, the Yankees are 10th in the AL in home runs against and in ERA as a team.

Offensively? No hope. Unless you count the massive haul of prospects waiting for Brian Cashman should he choose to do the right thing and unload some of this old but effective talent.

The Bronx Bombers are bombing, currently 13th in OBP and last in slugging and OPS.  The team is 13th in home runs, setting a recipe for disaster where they currently rank 11th out of 15 teams (including the Twins) in runs scored so far this season. New York is bad and to make matters worse, they’ve gotten away from what made them used to be good. They don’t draw walks, work counts or hit long balls, they just hit singles on occasion.

They don’t beat elite teams, they don’t have an elite offense or rotation and quite frankly, outside of three relievers, they don’t have a great bullpen.

All of this amounts to one stunning truth: An aging team who doesn’t do anything well is not likely to improve without talented youth. The writing is on the wall for the Yankees’ front office. It’s as easy of a big picture as they’re going to get when playing .500 ball is considered “overachieving”.

The Yankees don’t do anything well and because of it, they should bring in a haul of talent to jump start this franchise years quicker than if they tried to convince themselves there was another shoe left to drop.

And that’s the best thing you could hope for as a Yankees’ fan.

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