If the Yankees Have a Firesale, Expect These Players to Get Called Up

Carlos beltranFor most of us, on the other side of Randy Levine’s “moat”, we know a firesale to some degree is surely coming. The New York Yankees have gotten nothing out of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira, and while CC Sabathia has been a godsend, Michael Pineda and Nathan Eovaldi have been dismal. New York needed someone to go above and beyond and not too many old players to look old and got the opposite.

The Yankees are seven games under .500 against teams currently over .500 and will play 21 times with those sorts of opponents between now and the trade deadline, all but nine games on the schedule (another three are against the White Sox, who are presently .500).

It’s intelligent to believe New York will head into the final week of July below .500 with another injury or two and seven or eight teams ahead of them in the standings. Let’s assume that sends the message the Yankees need to sell and let’s assume we know who is on the table. The following are players in the organization we may see in August and September as a result of a looming firesale.

Traded Player: Carlos Beltran

Player We May See: Aaron JudgeRight now, Beltran is the starting right fielder who occasionally hits at DH instead. With Beltran out of the picture expect the red hot top prospect, Judge, to take the reigns and showcase his skills to wrap up 2016. Judge, currently 24-years-old and all but major league ready, is hitting: .266/.351 with 15 HR in 278 at bats, raising his average over 50 points in the past month and nearly doubling his HRs.

Traded Player: Brett Gardner

Player We May See: Tyler Austin:Austin would need to be added back onto the 40 man roster and it’s worth it to note if Chase Headley were traded we’re probably seeing Rob Refsnyder playing full-time (assuming Tex stays healthy at first), but Austin is worthy of consideration if he himself stays healthy. The once elite prospect is hitting .301/.366 in just 82 at bats after three years of injuries and poor performance, but New York may want to give him a shot in left field, adding him back to the 40 man roster before next year’s rule five draft in the process.

Traded Player: Ivan Nova/CC Sabathia

Player We May See: Luis SeverinoSuffice it to say on paper Sabathia is the better trade option but he does have one year and a no trade clause left on his contract. Nova is in a walk year but performingly pretty poorly so it’s realistic neither pitcher is traded. Still, this is the most logical way Severino earns himself a second shot in 2016, filling in for one of these two pitcher’s spots in the rotation.

Traded Player: Brian McCann

Player We May See: Gary SanchezAnother long shot if only because the Yankees have been out of practice for how rebuilding works for 25 years or so. McCann has trade value and is under contract another few years, but it’s unlikely New York splits with a player of name value still signed to a deal for multiple years. Still, if McCann goes, Sanchez is the obvious choice. The young prospect is healthy again and hitting in AAA where he should be back in the swing of things over the next few weeks as we head to the deadline.

Traded Player: Andrew Miller/Aroldis Chapman

Player We May See: Mark Montgomery: If the Yankees break up “The Big Three” they’re probably going to want to call up a “shiny” object to try and distract us since a major prospect haul does nothing in the short term. Montgomery is not on the 40 man, but like Austin he was once a top prospect. The reliever has worked his way up from AA and has a 3.38 ERA in 12 appearances in Scranton. Another strong month and he could be showcasing himself for a trade, waiver move, or ideal candidate to stay on the 40 man roster.

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