Brian Cashman Doesn’t Need Another Month, Yankees are Sellers Now

cashmanIt’s time to pull the plug. The New York Yankees should have known this long before surrendering six home runs to the Minnesota Twins at home, a team who couldn’t hit a home run for most of April. They should have known this before Hal Steinbrenner came out saying the Yankees could be buyers depending on how June and July went and before Cashman countered with a not as excited clarification.

The Yankees are sellers and we don’t need another 30 game sample size to see it.

Here is how the Yankees have played against any team in the AL with a better than record:

Red Sox: 2-4

Orioles: 2-4

Blue Jays: 2-7

Royals: 3-1

Rangers: 1-2

Astros: 2-1

It’s important to note the Yankees are 12-19 against teams in the AL with a record over .500. This doesn’t include the fact the Astros were .500 (0-0) when they played New York to open the season and the Royals were under .500 when New York took three of four earlier this season.

Here is how the Yankees have played against teams at .500 in the AL:

Tigers: 3-3

White Sox: 2-1

Mariners: 1-2

New York is decidedly bad against good teams and average against average teams. Combining any team with the same or better winning percentage in the AL, New York is 18-25, or seven games below .500. How about the bottom dwellers in the league?

Rays: 4-2

Twins: 5-2

Athletics: 4-3

Angels: 4-0

The only reasons this team is even in shouting distance of the playoffs are because of the fifth wildcard spot, an invention designed to keep mediocre teams who should be selling into thinking they have a prayer at making any sort of run and because the Yankees, who are an average, mediocre, franchjse in a crossroads, beat teams worse than they are who they would never face in a playoff situation. New York is 17-7 against teams under .500 which leads to the logical conclusion that even against the NL, the Yankees are just 2-5. When you are 18-25 against teams .500 or better and 19-12 against teams under .500 you are not going on a playoff surge, especially when you’ve already declared your prospects untouchable, which is true of Cashman’s Front Office.

What the Yankees need to do is look at these teams ahead of them, seven teams to be exact. Then they need to look at the three teams who are also .500. New York, in the AL alone, has a market of 10 teams who may just think they have a shot at a playoff run. There are another 7-8 teams in the NL (depending on what you think the Pirates might do) who are in contention in the NL. The Yankees have over half of major league baseball competing for the playoffs and they have two elite closers, an elite hitter and some overachieving players to offer all of them in a time where only a handful of teams would be sellers and this off season is scheduled to be one of the worst free agent markets in memory.

Nothing in the next few weeks is going to change this destiny. The Yankees need to sell and they need to do it soon.

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